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terms and conditions

I/We (“Applicant(s)”) have learnt that a proposed plotted development, containing Non-Agricultural plots, at Dapoli, Ratnagiri, Maharastra (“Plots”) are being developed by you named as “ARNI Developers” and you have invited applications for the same (“Project”). 

I am/we are interested in applying in the Project (as per the inventory requirement submitted in this application)

You have informed me that:

  1. An agreement to sale for the Plot shall be executed in my favour and I shall be placed in possession of the same subject to full payment towards the total consideration value for the Plot;
  2. Features of the plotted development are set out in Annexure A which shall be provided by you to me (“Development Services”);
  3. You expect to complete the above features of development within 12 months from the date of registration, subject to any force majeure circumstances.

It is clearly understood that you shall not be carrying out any construction on the Plots and that I am at liberty to use the approved buildable area, and construct at my risk and cost upon the Plot allotted to me, in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations in Dapoli, Ratnagiri; as well as the by-laws of the association of Plot purchasers in the Project.

The application fee is defined in Annexure B. Please consider this application form along with the application fee as a formal complete application from my/our end.

I/We confirm that this application has been made voluntarily and after understanding and appreciating all factors related to the same, including the Terms & Conditions contained herein and I/we agree to fully abide by the same.

I/We understand that you reserve the right to accept or reject the Application Form at your sole discretion and without assigning any reason for the same. Upon your acceptance of my application, you shall intimate to me the launch date for allotment of plot(s). Although you are not obliged to do so, you shall endeavour to accommodate my preference in selecting such Plot. The application fee shall then be adjusted against the total consideration payable for (a) sale of the Plot(s); and (b) Development Services.

Within 30 days of your intimation, we shall execute an agreement to sale in my/our favour for the allotted plot against my/our simultaneously paying you the balance amount both for sale of the Plot and for Development Services together with stamp duty. I/We agree with the payment timelines highlighted in Annexure B.

The eligibility for withdrawal and corresponding refund timelines are mentioned in Annexure C. I/we have understood and agree to abide by the same.

This Application and the terms hereof shall supersede all the prior discussions and correspondences (written or otherwise) between us, the Applicant(s) and you.

This application is personal to me/us and is not, directly or indirectly, transferable by me/us to any other person/entity. I/we confirm that this letter does not create any right title or interest in my/our favour in respect of any plot and or in the Project.


The other terms and conditions of this application are set out in Annexure C which I/we have read and understood. The same are acceptable to me along with the terms and conditions of the application forms and I agree to be bound by the same.

I/We declare and affirm that joint allotment failure to pay by anyone of joint applicants shall be deemed as failure to pay by both/all and the joint applicants shall be treated as a single person for the purpose of this Application and both (all) shall be liable for the consequences jointly as well as severally.

Annexure A

Infrastructure development

  1. Internal roads 
  2. Plot levelling and cleaning
  3. Compound walls 
  4. Greek Themed Entrance Gate 
  5. Plot demarcation with Name board
  6. Street lighting
  7. CCTV

Common amenities

  1. Tree Plantation
  2. Landscaping
  3. Children Play Area
  4. Water pond with Lilies
  5. Club House
  6. Sunrise Gazebo
  7. Sunset viewing deck
  8. Multi-purpose Sports Ground.
  9. Bird Viewing Deck
  10. Restaurant Etc

Annexure B

Fully Refundable Application Fees – Rs. 51,000/- (Priority Token) & Rs. 21,000/- (Regular Token) (Subjected to Annexure C)

Note: All statutory charges and taxes will be borne by Customer as per the rates applicable from time to time, third party payments are not acceptable. Demand Drafts will have to be supported by a letter from the bank confirming that the same has been drawn from the applicant’s account. Common Area Maintenance charges for 1 year will be payable at possession  

An Applicant applying should state Inventory type and the count of Plots applied for. Any Application form not stating both inventory type and number of Plots is liable to be rejected as incomplete.

The Applicant shall be liable to pay on demand, amounts towards all government levies/taxes of any nature whatsoever in relation to the Plot(s), including but not limited to, Stamp Duty and Registration charges. Any other government levies/ taxes will be due as applicable when charged.

Sr. No.


Payment Schedule


Application Fee (As Per Annexure B)

Priority Token – 51,000/-

Regular Token – 21,000/-


At the time of allocation

10% AV + Infra Fees 


Within 14 Days of Allocation

40% of AV +Stamp Duty, Registration Fees – Application Fees


On Possession – 30 Days

50% of AV (Balance)

Annexure C

Withdrawal Process

  1. Initiation – withdrawal request needs to be raised by writing an email to
  2.  Eligibility
  • The email should be written from the email id mentioned in the application form post allotment event for cancellation
  • Any withdrawal post allotment of plot will be treated as a cancellation and in the event of cancellation of Plot(s), we shall be entitled to deduct the application Fee mentioned Annexure B.

  • Only the email id mentioned in the form will be treated as official.

Refund in case of withdrawal

Complete refund with a 6% p.a. Interest shall be made by cheque which can be collected by the Applicant from the designated office/ site office within 45 working days from the date of cancellation of application. (All the refund will be initiated post the allocation date)

Withdrawal post allocation

  • Any withdrawal post the booking of plot will be treated as a cancellation and in the event of cancellation of Plot(s), we shall be entitled to deduct the application Fee mentioned Annexure B.
  • In the event of cancellation of the plot, we shall be entitled to deal with and/or dispose of the Plot in the manner it deems fit and proper and the Applicant does not have and shall not have any claim or raise any objection in this regard.

Incomplete application

An incomplete application is liable to be rejected at our sole discretion.

Few illustrations of incomplete application which may lead to rejection are as follows:

  • The UTR no./ Swift Code is not correctly mentioned; 
  • The cheque/demand draft/Banker’s cheque issued by the Applicant towards the Application Fee is dishonoured or returned, unpaid for any reason whatsoever, or the payment of Application Fee through RTGS/NEFT is not realized by us;
  • Application Form contains any condition (s) beyond or contrary to what is stated in the letter and/or these Terms & Conditions;
  • Application Form contains incorrect inventory requirement and codes, other than those stated in Annexure B.

Loan from financial institutions

Loan from the financial institution may be availed by the applicant basis eligibility and institution norms. However, if a particular institution/bank refuses to extend financial assistance on any ground, the Applicant shall not make such refusal an excuse for non-payment of further instalments/dues.

This is a pre-launch terms and conditions document for pre-booking applications of the project ARNI Castle Athena, Dapoli. For more details, visit us at